Minutes – January 17, 2013

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The meeting was called to order at 540 PM in the second floor conference room of the Danville Public library.  Attendees: JCollom, JLinville, EGrzelak, SBarney, Tony O’Neal, TShadley, DJacobs, JMason

Absent: CShadley, SHoughton, J&RSchotz, TSchooler, JVenute and ex offico SLane

The minutes of the annual meeting of October 16 were reviewed.  The treasurer report showed a balance of $10,277 which will be further reduced by DJacobs maintenance bill of $603.  DJacobs stated he had not been received a check at this point. EGrzelak will check on that. In the incident and issue report all the parties have now been notified. The unresolved #4 has just recently been resolved.  JLinville saw the man at the park and served him with the letter and the man stated he would not return.  The suggestion to have publicity posters has been acted on and they are now displayed in the community.  The proposed merger(city/county animal shelter) has made no progress but will be re-visited now with elections over and Mr. Weimar and Mike Marron have been approached.  A meeting is being planned to bring all interested parties to the table to hash out the next step. The final issue was security and is being addressed at tonight’s meeting.

EGrzelak presented her findings on the subject of security.  She consulted Tom Wagner of Wagner Lock and Key.  He visited the site and evaluated options of padlock or key card system.  He felt the padlock approach would not be a satisfactory approach and the keycard system would be very expensive and require building a new entry gate. After her presentation it was felt that the few incidents we had did not warrant a change from our situation today.  The main concern that people use it and do not buy a tag is still a very small number.   We now have a light and a security camera is planned by the city when funds are available.  At that point the sending out of reminder notices was brought up.  There were a lot of complaints and especially after the HS temporarily stopped selling them.  After discussion it was the consensus of the group to just post their availability at the park next year and NOT send out reminders 

The issue of shock or electronic collars (shock, beep, vibrate) being used at the park was next discussed. TShadley had researched their use in dog parks and led the discussion.  Additionally the email from SHoughton and TSchooler (with several reference links) was also referred to.  Comments from dog trainers and veterinarians were also presented. There are lots of pros and cons on their suitability for use in dogs in general and also whether they are not appropriate to use in a park.  They work by association and as a result could equate the stimulation as coming from a dog near them which would incite aggression or even equate it with the park and ruin their enjoyment.  Many times they are used inappropriately by owners trying to change behavior.  This is commonly on dogs that tend to be aggressive.  There is no BLACK and WHITE agreement on this issue. A vote was then taken to make a decision on banning them at the park.  The majority (5) voted to ban them and this information would be incorporated by adding shock ecollars to the wording of Big rule#5 on page 4 and rule 11 on the last page and EGrzelak will be talking with our webpage help about accomplishing this.   The dissenters (Mason, Jacobs, and O’Neal) felt that rule book adequately covered the significant issue, aggression, danger to other dogs and would be best handled by education and discussion with the owner as has been done in the past.  They also felt it would be difficult to enforce.

Following the shock collar discussion and vote DJacobs brought up a suggested change in the gate system to help deter small dogs from escaping in the space between hinge side of the gate and the fence.  This would necessitate making the both gates open only one way.  The suggestion was approved and DJacobs and TO’Neal will do the work.

Along the north south fence separating the small and large park a muddy path is developing as a result of the dogs on each side of the fence running back and forth chasing the dog on the other side. It was suggested and approved that some pea gravel be ordered to spread out and use to alleviate the situation.

Several member of the LT have observe a women in a small white car bringing 2 small dogs (tags??) to the park and turning them loose, not watching them or picking up after them.  She has ignored Ranger requests to supervise and pick up.  It was the consensus that the license # be traced and a letter written to the person to cease and desist this or not come to park.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 645.

Submitted JCMason

Jan 18, 2013