Funds & Financial Report – Fall 2017

Fetch Dog Park Fall Financial Report 2017

June 13, 2017 to November 1, 2017

Old National Checking Account Balance $3,616.91
Petty Cash $200.00
Income from Membership sales 2017 $3,495.00
Donations to Fetch In Kind
John C. Mason, Jr. (Replacement Mower Fund) $200.00
Darrel Jacobs (Sealant for wood Fencing) $556.78
Elisabeth Grzelak (Fundraising Basket Supplies) $60.56
Elisabeth Grzelak (Rulers Shipping donation) $15.99
Applications, Rules and Instructions Printing $375.00
(Anonymous Donor)
Total Income from Donations $1,208.33
6/13/2017 – 11/1/2017

Wagner Lock & Key (card keys) $107.39
Penn Jersey Paper Company Poly Waste Bags $59.46
Applications, Rules & Instructions Printing Donated
Beamsco Web Hosting $118.00
Humane Society of Danville Donation Basket $40.22
Office Max ( labels, paper, envelopes, & supplies) $113.52
Postage $94.15

Expenses from 6/13/2017 to 11/1/2017 $ 532.74

2017 Membership Sales to Date
148@ $20
43 @ $10
21 @ $5
4 Memberships Donated for Humane Society of Danville Woofstock 2017 Fundraiser Unclaimed as of 10/29/2017
3 Donated Memberships for Community Fundraisers Unclaimed as of 10/29/2017
1 Lost Fobs
1 Damaged Fobs
Income from Membership Sales
1/1/2017 to 11/1/2017 $3495.00
Total memberships sold as of 10/29/2017 212
Total NEW Members to Fetch 2017 59
Total deactivated 1/2017- 11/2017 66
Total memberships sold for 2017 to date 212
Projected Park Expenses for 2018

  • Annual Liability Insurance West Bend $747
  • Beamsco Web Hosting $118
  • Postage
  • Continuing Expense for Dog Waste Bags ($23.00 per roll)
  • Wagner Lock & Key Gate Card Keys ($4.95 each plus tax)
  • Replacement of Lawn Mower
  • Fence Maintenance and Grounds Supplies
  • Membership Tags ($67.00 for 300)
  • Office Supplies
  • Brochures & Posters

Elisabeth Grzelak
Fetch Dog Park

Minutes – November 1, 2017

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The FETCH Fall Meeting was held Nov. 1, 2017, 5:50-6:30 p.m., at the Danville Public Works and Urban Development Building, 1155 East Voorhees Street, Danville, IL.


New FETCH Chairman John Linville welcomed new leadership-team member Shelley Cox and new park rangers Brad Weaver and Connie Kittell. Attending the meeting were FETCH founder and past chair Dr. John Mason, Jr. and past chair Brad Wheeler.

The FETCH leadership team is grateful for Dr. Mason’s generous and effective leadership and look forward to his continued input as ex-officio member. The team also extends its thanks to Brad Wheeler for his service as co-chair during this past year, as well as his past and continuing service in maintenance of the park.

Also in attendance were leadership-team members Elisabeth Grzelak (secretary/treasurer), Kevin Fretty, and Terri Clayton; and park members Vince and Kitty Koers. Steve Lane, from Danville’s Public Works Dept., stopped in prior to the formal start of the meeting to answer some questions, but was unable to attend.


Minutes of the June 2017 Spring Meeting were approved, as was the Fall 2017 Financial Report submitted by Treasurer Elisabeth Grzelak. See the Financial Report, to be attached to these minutes, for details. The total number of memberships sold in 2017 as of this date is 212, 59 of which are new members.


Mower: The mower currently is working well, since the City did some repairs. Some repair needs to be done on a tire. The team thanks Kevin Fretty for donating a small mower that allows mowing in hard-to-reach sections of the park.

Brad Wheeler submitted documents from a John Deere dealer as to the cost of purchasing a new mower. The cost would range from $3000-$10,000. FETCH has started a special “Mower Fund” of money set aside specifically in anticipation of a future mower purchase. Dr. Mason donated the first $200 to the fund.
Fence Rails: Some fence rails have broken since the last meeting. Shelley Cox conveyed the message that Kori Bowers will volunteer to replace the broken rails—the landscape team will make the rails available to him. Concern was expressed that some of the posts are decaying and will need to be replaced in the future.

Darrel Jacobs generously donated sealant for the rails of the special needs area. Initial sealing has been completed, but spraying the sealant did not work effectively on the side of the rails that is faced by wire fencing; sealing on that side will need to involve brush painting and a lot of manpower, perhaps next spring or summer. John Linville will contact member Dave Williams, who had some previous ideas about manpower to help with painting.

Weed spraying: The issue of when future weed spraying will need to take place and who will do the spraying was unresolved.

Erosion: Concern was expressed that erosion has been expanding the gap between the turf and the bottom of the fence—a problem that in the future could enable dogs to escape under the fence, or make it easier for wild animals to get in, unless it is addressed. This issue was tabled for the time being.

Sweeping: The cement walkways and the handicap parking pad periodically need to be swept. All members are encouraged to sweep when there is a need. A broom is available at the park.


FETCH members are encouraged to be patient if they experience difficulty with the electronic gate. If an electronic problem has occurred at the gate, the lock will automatically reset itself in ten minutes, and members should then be able to get in. Since the sign that informs members to avoid punching the numbers on the entry key pad has been up, there has been only one known incidence of a member having difficulty getting into the gate—in that case, the lock reset within 5 minutes.


FETCH rules dictate that female dogs in heat are not allowed anywhere within the park. At this time, although male dogs who have not been neutered are allowed in the park, neutering is strongly encouraged (members to follow the advice of their vet as to timing) because the presence of intact male dogs in the park can precipitate conflict. The leadership team weighed the pros and cons of possibly requiring male dogs to be neutered after 1 year as a condition of membership; however, it was decided that such a requirement is too broad a prohibition. All park members are encouraged to report (to any leadership team member or park ranger) conflict within the park that involves an intact dog so that appropriate measures can be taken to prevent future incidences.


According to Steve Lane, the City will address the following soon: potholes and signage.

It is unclear exactly when the City will be able to address the following: garbage toter for the special needs area; water for the special needs area; umbrella for the special needs area.

Dr. Mason inquired about the status of making revised posters to be hung in vets’ offices. He will be contacting a family member as to whether she still has the electronic file for the original posters; if he can locate the file, he will send it to Elisabeth Grzelak, who will then ensure that the posters are made.


Brad Weaver witnessed the need to have parking stripes painted on the handicap parking pad to ensure that enough space is available between cars so that individuals can exit and enter their vehicles. It was agreed that painting should be done. John Linville will contact Steve Lane regarding such.


Fetch Dog Park Honors Dr Mason

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BY Mary Wicoff – Danville Commercial News

Ten years ago, Dr. John C. Mason Jr. had a vision of opening a dog park so pooches, such as his own Maggie, and people could socialize.

“This park has come a long way,” he said, while relaxing recently with 11-year-old Maggie and a friend, Barbara McColm, at Fetch Dog Park. “All the trees have made a difference.”

Read the full article by clicking here.

Minutes – June 13, 2017

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Co-Chairman Mason was late for the meeting so the meeting was initiated by EGrzelak, Sec/Treasurer. Following her report Co-Chair Mason returned. The Treasurers report will be displayed in its normal location.

Presesnt: VKoers, KKoers, SCox, KBowers, TClayton, JLinville, JSchatz, KFretty,
JMason, BWEheeler Co-Chairs, EGrzelak Sec/ Tres
Absent: SBarney, SHoughton, DJacobs
WELCOME: Co-Chairman JMason The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by Sec/Tres/ Egrzelak. Co-Chairman welcomed and thanked all in attendance. He reminded the group that we had come a long way since our meetings to gauge interest and start raising funds in 2007. From our formal memorandum of agreement with the City of Danville in April of 2009 to the Grand Opening Gala in June 2010 and now the completion of the Special Needs section and Security on June 13, 2017. All of us here tonight along with many others aided with their time and money. Now all in the City of Danville and the surrounding area have beautiful Fetch Dog Park to enjoy. I feel sure the Espenscheid family would appreciate the beautiful addition within their gift. One of our valued early members of the Leadership Team, Ruth Schatz passed away recently. We want to recognize her memory and her contributions to our park with a tree in her honor. We share her loss with her husband and member Joe Schatz.

Review of 2016 (April 12, Nov 14 meetings) Co-Chairman JMason, DJacobs (review prior to meeting)
⦁ New projects: Special Needs Area, Security system. These are completed and have enhanced the appearance of the entry area. New signage to be discussed in present meeting. The safety and cleanliness of the park has benefited. Thanks to efforts of members and the community anonymous donors we are now debt free.
⦁ Maintenance: A special thanks to the volunteers who have performed all the work necessary: KBowers, KFretty, DJacobs, JLinville, BWheeler
⦁ Fence rails repaired and discards being left at base to discourage digging under, preservation spraying to be done on special needs fence by DJacobs soon.
⦁ Drainage working great on north end of park. Thanks to the “Bridge and Lake Mistake “engineered by JVenute.
⦁ Grass, weeds tallgrass: The weeds are being monitored and sprayed by DJacobs. Anti-Crabgrass efforts of past seasons have decreased the amount to manageable. No further action planned. The tall grass is being monitored and mowing has been contracted for. Concern about future and reliability of present mower led to decision to begin stockpiling funds for eventual replacement.
⦁ Membership: Retention and promotional effort done in past were reviewed. EGrzelak has colored brochures available for members to use and disseminate. DJacobs has made presentations to requesting clubs such as Rotary. Providing information material to stores for “stuffing” is no longer considered-not cost efficient. Development of a trial partnership with the Vermilion County Adoption Van to accompany them and have information on Fetch available to this population needs to be further evaluated. Having Leadership available in case of prolonged absence has been successfully dealt with utilizing a Co-Chairman (Brad Wheeler) and volunteers taking over areas of the Sec/Treasurer function assisting EGrzelak.
⦁ Review concluded and after a brief discussion the report and previous meetings were approved by voice vote.

TREASURER REPORT: EGrzelak report dating from November 12, 2016 to June 13, 2017. Copy of report to be attached to minutes.
Cash balance $ 3238.67
Income from membership sales $2350.00
Donations $442.00
Expenses $1734.38
Issues of fob loss, deactivation of fobs, and projected expenses were discussed and will be addressed at current meeting.
Following discussion the report was approved.

MAINTENANCE REPORT AND DISCUSSION Co-Chairman BWheeler presented and all volunteers as mentioned in summary are active and much appreciated.
⦁ Fence rails nothing new to add
⦁ Drainage worked very well during our heavy rains
⦁ Grass The weeds, tall grass, and crab grass previously discussed nothing new
⦁ BWheeler wanted to know what the Team and SLane thought about the park mowing in terms of frequency and appearance. The Team unanimously expressed support and appreciation for the mowing being done by KFretty and BWheeler. SLane concurred. Mowing would continue to be done as they judged it necessary. SLane was thanked for safely providing the gas needed and he was asked that since park was debt free should it be purchasing the gas. SLane reported the City was getting more than their money’s worth as a result of the availability of this new asset to the city parks and the mowing of the trails. The same reasoning applied to use of weed killer.
⦁ Signage TClayton presented the signage changes planned for the park. Over the past 3 months she has worked to rework the present signage to simplify the wording and reduce the number of signs. All of her efforts were communicated via email until the present format was agreed on. It was now presented to the team in its complete form as Plan 1. Printed descriptions of Plan 1 along with the Plan 2 option was provided by TClayton for clarification. All Team Members then participated in a question/answer discussion moderated by TClayton and SLane. After thorough discussion Plan 1 was formally accepted and TClayton was applauded for her excellent work and presentation. She then stated that with the help of the SLane and his department one of the signs had been completed with a slight change and she handed it to EGrzelak to present to the group.Fetch Dog Park - Dr Mason Special Needs Area

JMason was quite surprised and honored. He reflected on the history presented in the opening remarks of so many who worked to achieve the dream thanking all.

MEMBERSHIP Co-Chairman JMason
⦁ Fee Changes. With added amenities, especially the security system, and anticipated future expenses such as the new mower it was felt an increase in our fee for 2018 was necessary. The decision: $30.00 for 1 dog, $15.00 for second and any additional dogs would be $10.00 each.
Loss or damage fob replacement $20.00
Reactivation fee $5.00 (failure to renew after 30 days leads to deactivation)
⦁ Publicity and awareness
⦁ Design an updated poster for distribution Vets, etc Egrzelak JMason to pursue.
⦁ Trial event with the Vermilion County Adoption Van to provide information and membership material to interested parties. JLinville agreed to explore idea with Vermilion County animal Shelter Foundation and try to set a tentative date for the trial.
⦁ VKoers suggested we explore developing a video (ie YouTube) that could be used as a link from our Fetch Dog Park web site. Views of the site, entrances, security system, and parking with members and their dogs enjoying the area would be able to be viewed by many. It could also be used at events to illustrate the park in presentations. This suggestion was approved by all and VKoers agreed to proceed with research and development of this exciting idea.
⦁ Rules for Special Needs Area were discussed and it was felt that People with special needs had priority. Other circumstances such as dogs that needed “cool down could also use the area.
⦁ A means to identify Park Rangers other than a vest or cap was discussed. There is a definite need for this in some of the members/handlers who flagrantly ignore the rules. After discussion a lanyard system was approved. It will be implemented by EGrzelak .
WEB SITE EGrzelak The redesign of our web site has been completed and its new format is appealing and much easier to use. Thanks to Christina Hardwick who is now the owner. She has continued the great work of Steve Foster who was the founder and owner of the BEAMSCO Company for many years. He appeared at one of our early meetings and said “you need a web site to achieve your dream and I am giving you one” .Little did we realize what a great gift that was. EGrzelak discussed an additional change coming up that will be a section called Etiquette. This will help potential members become good and responsible members.

OTHER ISSUES OR BUSINESS There was none to present

ADJOURNMENT A motion for adjournment was made and seconded. The meeting ended at 7:30 PM

Respectfully Submitted
John C. Mason Jr. June 17, 2017.


Funds & Financial Report – Spring 2017

Fetch Dog Park Spring Financial Report 2017
November 12, 2016 to June 13, 2017

Old National Checking Account Balance $3,238.67
Petty Cash $200.00
Income from Membership sales to date $2,350.00

Donations to Fetch
Donations for Leaf a Legacy
Pride Grows City of Danville
(Heather Jacobs in honor of Dr. Alice Jacobs) $200.00

John C. Mason, Jr. (brochure printing) $150.00
Donations in Memory of Ruth Schatz $200.00
Debbie & Kerry Clapper (in kind donation) $30.00
Elisabeth Grzelak (envelopes) $35.00
Applications, Rules and Instructions Printing Anonymous Donor
Kori Bowers & Shelley Cox (ice melt) $27.00
Total Income from Donations
11/12/2016 to 6/13/2017 $642.00
Wagner Lock & Key (card keys) $197.60

Faulstich Printing (Fetch Brochure 1,000) $144.46
Donated by John C. Mason, Jr
Office Max Mailing Supplies $14.13 Postage $95.00
Penn Jersey Paper Company Poly Waste Bags $61.19
Applications, Rules & Instructions Printing Anonymous Donor West Bend Insurance (Annual Liability Ins) $747.00
Beamsco New Web Design $275.00
Leaf a Legacy Pride Grows City of Danville (Jacobs) $200.00

Expenses from 11/12/2016 to 6/11/2017 $1,734.38

2017 Membership Sales to Date
101@ $20
26 @ $10
14 @ $5
4 Memberships Donated for Humane Society of Danville Woofstock 2016 Fundraiser Claimed 2/2017
4 Donated Memberships for Fundraisers Unclaimed
2 Lost Fobs
3 Damaged Fobs
Income from Membership Sales
1/1/2017 to 6/11/2017 $2,350.00
Total memberships sold as of 6/11/2017 145
Total NEW Members to Fetch 2017 33
Total deactivated 1/2017- 6/2017 46
Total memberships sold 6/11/2016 135
Total memberships sold for 2016 204

Projected Park Expenses for 2017 – 2018

  • Annual Liability Insurance West Bend $747
  • Beamsco Web Hosting $118
  • Postage
  • Continuing Expense for Dog Waste Bags ($23.00 per roll)
  • Wagner Lock & Key Gate Card Keys ($4.95 each plus tax)
  • Replacement of Lawn Mower
  • Fence Maintenance Supplies
  • Membership Tags ($67.00 for 300)

Elisabeth Grzelak
Fetch Dog Park

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