Minutes – June 3, 2010

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MINUTES Dog Park Meeting Tuesday June 3, 2010 at JCM house

ATTENDEES: Gourley, Ruzic and Frannie, Grzelak, Shadley’s, Anderson, Jacobs, Fridy, Schooler, O’Neal, Mason. Larry Anderson a new member (ph213-1672,1711 N State, Westville,61883

The meeting was opened by D Jacobs. He presented what is developing at the park now and tentative arrangements for locating vendors, cars. The tag sale area, auction items will be placed east of entrance along fence and under tent cover, any dog vendors will be under shade around periphery, Big R at west because of power needs, Tractor supply along fence so water access for troughs is easy. With proposed 8-10 vendors they would be placed in grassy area south of main park lot. Over flow parking along south entry road and around blue building. Jacobs, O’Neal, Anderson, and Mason to be there at 0900 on Sat June 12, 13 to help with vendor location and parking. Anderson to find “yellow jackets” for Identification and “stand-outs”in the parking process. Blue hats for volunteers on the way from Jacobs. Weiner King near ticket sales, Custard Cup near radio setup with Big R. Volunteers Mason, O’Neal and Shadley will bring some “extra “poop bags” Steve Lane is working on dispensers and hopefully they will be ready of Gala. (See our Flyer above) LINK TO GALA

J Adams from the Humane Society has volunteered to be in charge of tag sales and can be assisted by Grzelak, Ruzic, Gourley and Shadley’s. For those who do not have rabies paper s they will be given receipts for their fees and can pick up tags at Humane Soc later as they present receipt with rabies certification papers. They can use receipt for their free hot dog. At adjacent tables the door prizes, auction items and a 50/50 donation ticket sale will be available. T-shirts and wrist bands to be available

The 50/50 donation will be sold as a $1.00 dollar ticket or 6 for $5.00 or 12 for $10.00 and drawing each day. Half proceeds to Dog Park and ½ to winner. Must keep ticket and be present to win. Drawing daily near 3PM

Using the list of gifts solicited by Schooler, Gourley, and others– tabulated by Hoaks a selection of door prizes and auction item groupings will be developed by Hoaks and Gourley. Hoaks has developed a format which she will prepare so that those volunteers at table can promote and keep track . Jacobs has purchased a roll of tickets that can be used for door prize drawings and also for the 50/50. Highest bidders for auction items can be notified on Sun. All comers are eligible for door prizes. They can pick up ticket at table and keep appropriate stub with the other portion going to the drawing jar. Winner has t o be present with ticket. Drawings around 3PM each day.

Deb Fridy volunteered to be in charge of drinks and has a friend to volunteer with her. Pepsi has donated 5 cases and she will purchase additional along with water. The water will be sold for $1 and after re-imbursement of her costs any profit will go to DP. The price of Pepsi will be determined by cost but figuring the 5 free cases the cost will be kept down profits dealt similar to water. Anderson, O’Neal, Mason and Jacobs to bring 2 coolers with ice.

Mason presented copies of invites, fliers, programs and the informational booklet on dog park etiquette that will go with each tag sale. Schooler and O’Neal provided a stack of colored fliers . The program only deals with events of leash cutting, plaque unveiling with remark s by Mayor and other city officials and will be handed out on Sat. The invites and fliers to be presented to friends and establishments for FYI and hopefully increase attendance. Mason is to mail invite and flier to all donors of record.

A plea was made to encourage friends to volunteer on Sat and Sun. O’Neal and Sanders to check Friday on any mowing needs. All of us would be available as gofers as well. Mason to bring 3 chairs, 2 card tables and one folding table. O’Neal and Schooler may have access to some chairs and tables and D Jacobs to check on Church.

Meeting adjourned with a tasting of wine developed by Jacobs. The product was approved for sale as a silent auction item. Time 730PM Jcmason