Minutes – May 1, 2012

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Fetch Dog Park 5-1-2012 Leadership Team Meeting

5:30-7:15 Danville Public library 2nd Floor

Present: Shirley Barney, Elisabeth Grzelak, Steve Houghton, Darrel Jacobs, John Mason, Terry and Chris Shadley, Jerry Venute

Absent: Tracey Doss, Deb Fridy (resigning, Steve lane, Tony O’Neal (work), Tamara Schooler (work), Joe and Ruth Schatz (illness)


The meeting was opened by Co-Chair Mason and the minutes were approved as posted on website. Items in minutes were elaborated on:

Letters to Mayor,PS, HS were circulated re: increasing security at Park

Financials showing $9000.00 balance

Status of completion of shelter, poles are secure and waiting manpower freeup to set the “Tops”

New members Shirley Barney and Jerry Venute were welcomed to the team. Shirley Barney has  agreed to be a  ranger.

Darrel Jacobs then reported  on the meeting that CoChairs Jacobs and Mason had with Mayor Eisenhower  on Friday  April 27.  The rumors involving HS and possible solutions were discussed.  We expressed support for the HS in view of their cooperation with us and on repeated visits have seen nothing to support allegations. Tough job, tough conditions, limited resources but exploring new alternatives to improve the lot of animals was felt to be in order.  Improving adoption rates, increasing neuter/spay rates and decreasing need for euthanasia were all  goals to work on (no kill policy IDEAL).  We assured the Mayor that these were goals we concurred with and would support.  The time to work with the county government to achieve the best solution for the entire area seems to be at hand.  Perhaps in the future the Dog Park could even be a part of a collaborative NFP. We next discussed the problem of keeping track of our finances.  Gayle Brandon Lewis is apparently overwhelmed and cannot give us the support we need to keep track of donations, expenses and other necessities.  We also informed him of our plans to a trial 13 week radio series to make people more aware of the park and increase dissemination of information regarding animal health and well being.  In the latter we felt we could do informative interviews to enlighten the audience about new approaches to handling the dog population in the City and county.  He agreed to be a guest  on the program.


At the conclusion of DJacobs presentation the group discussed the possibility of funneling all income through one of our members prior to deposit.  Elisabeth Grzelak volunteered and was unanimously voted on and named Treasurer.  She will need to talk to Shawn to record the deposits he makes for tags.

The F.A.I.R policy was then reviewed and accepted as shown following the minutes of April 3 on website.  The Appeals form for documenting the step 1, 2, 3 of the process were then reviewed and the process and its form were approved.  Co-chair Mason will discuss with Steve Foster how best to incorporate this into website in rules and regulation tab. The thought is to place the May 19, 2009 letter of Agreement with City followed a brief paragraph introducing the need for policy and then follow with the Appeals form and FAIR policy.  Hopefully all can be downloadable and printable.  In the event we have a serious incident that carries through all 3 steps and the appeals process we can demonstrate a paper trail documenting all actions.  At the next printing of the rule and etiquette book this additional material will need to be incorporated.

In conjunction with the above Darrel Jacobs stated he is working on a paper to explain duties of rangers and the actions of any Leadership Team member or “Peer” member who might be called upon to be a member of the Peer Review Panel as called for in the FAIR Policy.  When ready the membership will be invited to the presentation.  More vests and hats are on order.  It was suggested that we have cards identifying Rangers to hand out if called upon while dealing with incidents at Dog Park.  All agreed that this is a good idea and Darrel is going to prepare them.  We would eachwrite our name onto a printed form card.


The radio program was discussed.  It was agreed we would sign on for a 13 week stint at one program a week.  Jerry Venute will arrange the times with the station and continue to seek sponsors   Several members of the Leadership Team agreed to be session sponsors and will send checks to EGrzelak for record and deposit.  Balance will be taken from our deposited funds.  DJacobs and JMason will meet with station officer Cindy Nygren and prepare schedule and topics (NOW SCHEDULED FOR MAY 15 AT 0930).  Our mission to increase awareness and support of Fetch Dog Park and the website www,fetchdogpark.org  and other topics that support the health and well being of the pet population (example noted above ).

Our friend and valued supporter, Deb Fridy, has stated that she is unable to continue being a contributing member of the Team and wishes to resign.  Her request for resignation was accepted with regret.  We thank Deb for all the time and effort she has given us.

There were no new incident reports but the problem of a? P Canero? pair without tags visiting the park was reviewed.  Apparently the owner has a Facebook page where he discusses breeding the pair for the purpose of providing fighting dogs for sale. This information has been relayed to authorities.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15 with several members planning to attend the City Council meeting where Alderman Williams petition re the Humane Society was to be discussed.


John C Mason, Jr MD

May 5, 2012