Minutes – November 1, 2017

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The FETCH Fall Meeting was held Nov. 1, 2017, 5:50-6:30 p.m., at the Danville Public Works and Urban Development Building, 1155 East Voorhees Street, Danville, IL.


New FETCH Chairman John Linville welcomed new leadership-team member Shelley Cox and new park rangers Brad Weaver and Connie Kittell. Attending the meeting were FETCH founder and past chair Dr. John Mason, Jr. and past chair Brad Wheeler.

The FETCH leadership team is grateful for Dr. Mason’s generous and effective leadership and look forward to his continued input as ex-officio member. The team also extends its thanks to Brad Wheeler for his service as co-chair during this past year, as well as his past and continuing service in maintenance of the park.

Also in attendance were leadership-team members Elisabeth Grzelak (secretary/treasurer), Kevin Fretty, and Terri Clayton; and park members Vince and Kitty Koers. Steve Lane, from Danville’s Public Works Dept., stopped in prior to the formal start of the meeting to answer some questions, but was unable to attend.


Minutes of the June 2017 Spring Meeting were approved, as was the Fall 2017 Financial Report submitted by Treasurer Elisabeth Grzelak. See the Financial Report, to be attached to these minutes, for details. The total number of memberships sold in 2017 as of this date is 212, 59 of which are new members.


Mower: The mower currently is working well, since the City did some repairs. Some repair needs to be done on a tire. The team thanks Kevin Fretty for donating a small mower that allows mowing in hard-to-reach sections of the park.

Brad Wheeler submitted documents from a John Deere dealer as to the cost of purchasing a new mower. The cost would range from $3000-$10,000. FETCH has started a special “Mower Fund” of money set aside specifically in anticipation of a future mower purchase. Dr. Mason donated the first $200 to the fund.
Fence Rails: Some fence rails have broken since the last meeting. Shelley Cox conveyed the message that Kori Bowers will volunteer to replace the broken rails—the landscape team will make the rails available to him. Concern was expressed that some of the posts are decaying and will need to be replaced in the future.

Darrel Jacobs generously donated sealant for the rails of the special needs area. Initial sealing has been completed, but spraying the sealant did not work effectively on the side of the rails that is faced by wire fencing; sealing on that side will need to involve brush painting and a lot of manpower, perhaps next spring or summer. John Linville will contact member Dave Williams, who had some previous ideas about manpower to help with painting.

Weed spraying: The issue of when future weed spraying will need to take place and who will do the spraying was unresolved.

Erosion: Concern was expressed that erosion has been expanding the gap between the turf and the bottom of the fence—a problem that in the future could enable dogs to escape under the fence, or make it easier for wild animals to get in, unless it is addressed. This issue was tabled for the time being.

Sweeping: The cement walkways and the handicap parking pad periodically need to be swept. All members are encouraged to sweep when there is a need. A broom is available at the park.


FETCH members are encouraged to be patient if they experience difficulty with the electronic gate. If an electronic problem has occurred at the gate, the lock will automatically reset itself in ten minutes, and members should then be able to get in. Since the sign that informs members to avoid punching the numbers on the entry key pad has been up, there has been only one known incidence of a member having difficulty getting into the gate—in that case, the lock reset within 5 minutes.


FETCH rules dictate that female dogs in heat are not allowed anywhere within the park. At this time, although male dogs who have not been neutered are allowed in the park, neutering is strongly encouraged (members to follow the advice of their vet as to timing) because the presence of intact male dogs in the park can precipitate conflict. The leadership team weighed the pros and cons of possibly requiring male dogs to be neutered after 1 year as a condition of membership; however, it was decided that such a requirement is too broad a prohibition. All park members are encouraged to report (to any leadership team member or park ranger) conflict within the park that involves an intact dog so that appropriate measures can be taken to prevent future incidences.


According to Steve Lane, the City will address the following soon: potholes and signage.

It is unclear exactly when the City will be able to address the following: garbage toter for the special needs area; water for the special needs area; umbrella for the special needs area.

Dr. Mason inquired about the status of making revised posters to be hung in vets’ offices. He will be contacting a family member as to whether she still has the electronic file for the original posters; if he can locate the file, he will send it to Elisabeth Grzelak, who will then ensure that the posters are made.


Brad Weaver witnessed the need to have parking stripes painted on the handicap parking pad to ensure that enough space is available between cars so that individuals can exit and enter their vehicles. It was agreed that painting should be done. John Linville will contact Steve Lane regarding such.