Minutes – August 17, 2010

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5:30 PM

Attendees: Deb Fridy, Tony O’Neal. Tamara Schooler, Dana Johnson, Joe and Ruth Schatz, Clare Dodds, Dr. Denise Fischer, JCMason, Darrel Jacobs, TShadley, CShadley and Janice Kain

The meeting was co-chaired by Dr Mason and Darrel Jacobs and was called to order at 530 PM.

The meeting was opened by discussing issues that had arisen since there has been access to the Park before and after the Gala on June 12.

1. Tony reported that pit bulls appeared outside the park and essentially prevented some inside the Park from leaving. Humane Society responded and removed the dogs. The HS staff was well aware of these dogs because they frequently get loose. DISCUSSION: It was felt that the HS be consulted on this issue-is there a limit to this behavior that would require impounding.? Apparently they did not appear friendly and frightened the people in park with their dogs.

2. A 30# beagle got under the fence of the east maintenance gate. A screen was placed over it to identify it. DISCUSSION: SHORT TERM FIX—2 wheelbarrow+ of dirt in area so owner could leash dog before gets out. LONG TERM—talk with Steve Lane about putting asphalt chips on inside of gate and then gate would open only one way-out

3. It was felt too many people are not watching and picking up poop after dogs. Weekends are worse. Poop patrol rounds production increases from 3-4 bags to 10-15

DISCUSSION: D JACOBS HAS GOTTEN A SOURCE OF BAGS. The new owner at Priceless Foods on Fairchild has agreed to furnish rolls of plastic bags that are used for produce. Darrel is preparing signage to acknowledge the gift and encourages all “volunteers to thank him when in store”. They will need to be re-rolled to accommodate our dispensers. Joe Schatz has agreed to take that project on and help keep dispensers full.

Steve Lane will be asked to get some new signs made for inside the park to remind people to pick up. It also behooves all of us to be on alert and tell the owner if their dog is doing his business. Please remind all to tie a knot in bag to keep down flies and odor.

4. City probably will install surveillance cameras at some point for added security.

5. The well has been successfully drilled and the water source (@approx 180+ feet down) is located on the west side of the fence close to junction between large and small park. DISCUSSION: It was felt the water could be piped into each close to the junction (N/S—E/W) fence so each park have its own source with very little pipe being needed. Drainage is reasonable here. Eventually it would be nice to have a fixture with a lower bowl so dogs could easily access it. We are not aware of any timetable for completion of this. We are grateful to the Espenscheid family for their foresight on this issue.

6. Shelters: Discussion: Be great to set up shelters in such a way that they could straddle fence so that small and large dog owners could socialize. Several areas are feasible for this. Meetings could also utilize them in less than wonderful weather. DJacobs suggested that perhaps pavilions at the abandoned Girl Scout Camp on Woodbury Hill in West Harrison Park might be utilized. Deb Fridy volunteered her husband to check feasibility. As we improve the amenities of the park hopefully we can accomplish something for shelter.

7. Remind Aqua that they volunteered to put some re-cycled hydrants in the park. Hopefully this might save trees or future plantings. Future planting of flowers has been discussed over email but did not come up at meeting.

8. Concern about hours and extension as days shorten: Discussion: It was pointed out the hours are dawn to dusk and it does not seem practical to change that. Lighting for night use is not in the foreseeable future.


Darrel Jacobs discussed past, present and future concerning our finances and upcoming expenses. We initially raised about $25,000.00 and this paid for signage and fence. Subsequently it became apparent that we would need a good mower since we would be responsible for mowing in our area. Dr. Halloran filled in capably in the beginning but it was felt we should have our own mower. After looking at 3 dealerships and their equipment we felt B&D had the best used mower for the money and our needs. JMason and DJacobs put some money in to make sure there would be no shortfall (mower 5800.00). The city maintenance man checked it out and o.k.’s our purchase. Most of the mowing duties have been handled by DJacobs and Tony O’Neal and it is going very well. Takes about 5 gal of gas per mowing and around 3 hours of time-start to finish.. With Dr Halloran’s equipment and expertise we are planning to aerate—seed– and fertilize this fall. Also with Berry’s expertise we plan to spray a special herbicide ($150.00/qt.) to take care of broadleaf and especially Canadian Thistle this fall. Steve Lane feels the city equipment can help with the spray. Planning and preparation for this is underway. Since purchase of mower we have had several significant donations and have approximately $1000.00 balance in our fund but we will need to raise more as we continue to improve the quality of the park. DJacobs has asked Mr Bill Bounds who is one of the leaders of the Animal Welfare League to consider another donation to assist us. DFridy is also a member of the group and believed there was a meeting coming up at which that request would be discussed. Over 200 tags have been sold.

Everyone who has visited the park has been impressed by its beauty and visitors say it compares favorably with any others they have seen or visited.


The idea of a walkathon was discussed. It could promote three purposes

1. Make more aware of the Park and its trails to walk. 2. Increase awareness and usage of the Dog Park and thus increase membership 3. Promote foot health

Dr. Fischer commented she would be glad to work with the organizers and felt she could obtain Pedometers. Free foot exams and Blood pressure checks could be added. After much discussion it appeared the best date would be a Saturday-Sunday October 23 & 24 after the Covered Bridge Festival. A 2 day event would be needed because of conflicts on Sat or Sun. Even the group present had conflicts that could limit participation at one of the days. Deb Fridy agreed to be chairman and pursue planning and organizing volunteers. We hope to appeal to walkers and runners and utilize the trails in and around the Dog Park. An appeal will be made to volunteers that were not present at the meeting.

Respectively submitted, JCMason 8/21/2010