Minutes – September 14, 2010

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FETCH Dog Park
Minutes of Sept. 14 Meeting
Danville Public Library 5:30 pm

Attendees: Nancy Ruzic, Elisabeth Grzelak, Deb Fridy, Tony O’Neal. Tamara Schooler, Joe and Ruth Schatz, JCMason, Terry Shadley, and Darrel Jacobs

The meeting was co-chaired by Dr Mason, Darrel Jacobs and Deb Fridy and was called to order at 530 PM.

The goal of this meeting was to discuss the production and sale of a FETCH Dog Park Cookbook. And to update on current/future issues of the Park.

1. Cookbook project overview –

a. To raise $6000 by selling 600 books

b. Pre-sell, with prepayment, 300 books to cover the cost of the original shipment

c. Minimum profit of $5 per book

d. All recipes submitted by Dec. 31, 2010

e. Finished product for Spring distribution by April 1, 2011

f. Cookbook Design and configuration – Coordinator: Deb Fridy

g. Recipe Submission – Coordinator: Elisabeth Grzelak

h. Book Pre-sales – $10 each- Sales Coordinator: NEEDED

a. Anticipated start date of pre-sales is November 1, 2010


o Someone to help get the recipe submission sheets out into the community

o A coordinator for the pre-sales


2. Flowers at the Park

a. Clematis are being planted on south fence

b. Planning to plant perennials at the entrance gate this fall using flowers donated from members yards

3. The well

a. The City is going to hire an electrician and a plumber to dig water lines for the well

4. The shelter

a. A plan to build a 16 X 16 shelter straddling the fence between the big dog and the little dog park is progressing and should be completed this fall

5. Safety issues

a. As you would expect, there have been a few dog fights. A procedure for dealing with aggressive dogs in regards to park admittance is being developed.

b. Bringing food and toys into the park seems to be the root of some of the dog fights. Please ask everyone you know that uses the park to please follow the rules that are posted . . . this is for the safety of both hounds and humans.

6. Park maintenance

a. Spraying – the park is being sprayed this fall by Berry’s. In order to kill the thistle and the poison, the spray needs to be applied at precisely the right time so that the root system is killed. This should alleviate those issues.

Next meeting?? Middle to end of October . . . based on quantity of recipes already submitted.

Respectfully submitted . . . Deb Fridy . . .