Minutes – November 9, 2010

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FETCH Dog Park

Minutes of Nov. 9, 2010 Meeting

Danville Public Library

5:30 pm

Attendees: Nancy Ruzic, Elisabeth Grzelak, Deb Fridy, Tony O’Neal. Tamara Schooler, Joe and Ruth Schatz, JCMason, Terry Shadley, Tracey Doss and Darrel Jacobs

The meeting was co-chaired by Dr Mason, Darrel Jacobs and Deb Fridy and was called to order at 530 PM.

The goal of this meeting was to discuss the production and sale of the FETCH Dog Park Cookbook. And to update on current/future issues of the Park.

1. Cookbook overview –

a. To raise $3000 by selling 600 books

b. Pre-sell, with prepayment, 300 books to cover the cost of the original shipment

c. Minimum profit of $5 per book

d. All recipes submitted by Dec. 31, 2010

e. Pre-sales will begin Jan. 2011 thru Feb. 15.

f. Finished product for Spring distribution by April 1, 2011

2. Budget for sales

a. A $500 budget for Cookbook sales and expenses was approved

3. Prizes for most cookbook sales

a. First place – $100 gift card

b. Second place – FREE park tags

c. Third place – t/b/d

4. What’s next

a. Submit recipes to Morris Cookbook

b. Publicize Pre-Sale ordering

a. Radio, newspaper, email, website

b. Open P.O. Box at Westville post office to receive orders by mail

c. Issue 3-part receipts to buyers – must present to receive book

d. Order cookbooks based on sales

5. Recent FETCH news

a. Tags will be sold in January for the year of 2011 and will be good for that one year.

b. The tags for FETCH will only be sold at the Danville Humane Society


c. County Market is donating the bags for the waste at the park

d. A Leadership Team is being formed to be the “Executive Committee” of the Park to deal with the day to day issues (SEE ABOVE 11-30-10)


b. Submit recipes

c. Distribute order coupons

1. Take to your work, church, grocery store, local business, etc.

Respectfully submitted . . . Deb Fridy