Minutes – September 6, 2011

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Danville Public Library 2nd floor

Sept 6, 2011

6:30-8:00 Pm

Present, D Fridy, E Grzelak, Joe and Ruth Schatz, T Doss, D Jacobs, J Mason

Absent: S Lane, Shadley’s (were not notified of the meeting due to error by JMason-apology made, error corrected)

The meeting was called to order and presided over by JCMason.  The minutes of the Nov 9, 2010 meeting as on website were approved.

A review of the Rules and Regulations as is on the website was reviewed.  They were especially reviewed in light of an incident in mid August.  An owner/handler was present when her dog became aggressive and the incident was witnessed by E Grzelak, T Doss, and Steve Houghton with all agreeing on the basic facts. Animal Control from Humane Society had been called and also witnessed acts of aggression. The handler refused to leave with her 2 dogs and the HS contacted Danville Police who responded promptly with those responsible leaving the park under protest. On August 16 the tags revoked and money refunded to the party by the HS.  Apparently the dogs had shock collars.  It was felt that there were several opportunities to defuse the situation along the way if the handler had followed suggestions in our handbook.  Since aggression is reason enough to leave it was not felt it was necessary to include shock collar in the handbook. More details as observed will be included in the minute book of Fetch Dog Park

The prompt response by the authorities was commended. The Humane Society has been making an effort to come to the Park and check tags to be sure all are in compliance.

The Appeals Process that was prepared by D Jacobs in response to a request from J Adams (Past director of HS) in June of 2010 was reviewed. A copy of it is present in the HS.  It discusses the process whereby someone who has had licenses revoked may regain the license by appearing before the Leadership Team that would serve as the Hearing Board.  It was felt this should be posted on the website and J Mason will discuss this with S Foster at the time the minutes are ready.

The financials from inception to July 31, 2011 were presented and discussed.  At present our balance is $11,478.54 as reported by Gayle (Lewis) at the City.  There is minimal discrepancy with J Mason figures that were calculated from balance sheets provided by Gayle  at City.  Going forward the sheets will be reviewed monthly.

A discussion was then held as to how funds the park will need should be raised.  Should the basic fees per animal be increased?  Most felt the increase should not take place yet.  We wanted it as low as possible so that more would be encouraged to take advantage of it.  Alternative ways of raising funds to take care of maintenance needs as well as improvements were discussed.  The majority felt that some kind of focused drive (similar to Vermilion Animal Shelter) should be held once every year or 2 as opposed to going around for “handouts”.  It was decided to table this discussion and study it.  It was suggested that we poll the members for ideas.

D Jacobs then began the discussion of new business items.

1.       He gave a brief history of the gift to the city that allowed for the purchase of the 61 acres that became the Harry and Marguerite Espenschied Park.  Harry E gave the city the money for the purchase and named it in honor of his parents.  Harry, (son) died at age 92 in April 2011.  The printout from the DHS publication was given to D  Jacobs by M Denman, Supt of DHS

2.      The water is in the park and working.  The delivery of the water at the faucet has a unique design.  It is not a pump but a faucet that looks like a pump. Pushing handle forward and holding it allows water to flow after short delay. When handle is pulled back water stops and the water level falls down in pipe BELOW freeze level so no drainage at end of season necessary.

3.      NO FOOD IN PARK signs up at each gate.

4.      Arrangements being made to get a “bone” on our Donor sign to recognize the Animal Welfare League of Central Illinois for their financial contributions to Fetch Dog Park

5.      Two large “designer” type FETCH DOG PARK signs are being prepared by 2 designers in shape of bone.  One will be displayed on the arch at entrance and the other site to be decided ??at location near entrance off Kimball.

6.      Dog park Shelter.  After review of many options and in consultation with S Lane a final recommendation is made. It is 10’x10’ “umbrella type” pyramid (NOT CANTILEVERED) which can withstand winds 90 mph which brings it into city codes. The central support would be imbedded in concrete. The city could install it.  2 would be placed in large dog side and 1 in small dog side.  A specially designed bench 6’ for each was proposed. Total cost approximately $7000.00.  The Leadership Team voted for yellow “shade” and Steve Lane will be authorized to order. See illustrations at end of minutes.

7.      New trees are available and replacements for those not surviving are planned for October

8.      Dr. T Halloran is in process of aerating and fertilizing. No weed spraying is planned.

It was discussed that D Jacobs and J Mason would meet with HS officials and tour the facility, discuss 2012 tag orders and reminder cards.  We also plan to remind them to hand out our Fetch Dog Park booklets with new tags for anyone who does not possess one.

Discussion was started about time and feasibility of the annual meeting of membership but it was limited because it was closing time at library. Thoughts expressed were for the fall at the park /. Presentation of the bone for Animal League or installation of designer signs.


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Respectfully Submitted JCMason 9/7/2011