Minutes – November 15, 2011

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The meeting was called to order at 6PM. JCMason served as Chairman. The 10 members of the Leadership Team present were introduced.  There was a total of 22 members present for the meeting.

All of our previous minutes are posted on the website and there no additions or corrections.

JCMason made a Funds & Facts presentation pointing out expenses, income and potential future costs.  A 2 page document with highlights was handed out to the group prior to the meeting and a copy will be attached to the meeting minutes.  Significant expenses were highlighted:

Fence Cost and Installation                               $17,409.00

0 turn 60 inch mower                                        $ 5800.00

Printing and Design                                           $ 3000.00

On order shelters and Benches              $ 5295.00


Significant income from fundraising efforts:                     $36,000.00

Includes Donations from Julius Hegeler Foundation,

Animal Welfare League of Illinois,memorials,sales and our Gala


Signage Donations:

“Designer Dog Bones” L. Schultz, Jim Gilliland


City of Danville


Website Design and Maintenance: Steve Foster of Beamsco.


It is very difficult to list and thank all of those who made our final opening in June of 2010 a reality.  Thanks to many people for their effort and support.  A more thorough acknowledgement is in the FUNDS&FACTS attachment.


Following the presentation and discussion a motion was made to accept the Summary Report and it is attached.


Steve Lane, our liaison with the City of Danville, was introduced and discussed many items and issues relative to the park.  He thanked the group for its continued interest and maintenance.

Pictures of the proposed shelters and benches were discussed.  There will be 2 in large dog area and one in small. Present tables will also be retained.   Signs citing hours of Dawn to Dusk are planned.  Large security lights are coming and increased police patrol. TV camera security is in the discussion stage..Concern about visibility along the road was discussed and increased trimming to increase visibility is planned. It is hoped we can develop toilet facilities perhaps utilizing the blue building. He gave permission to ventilate the covered poop bag receptacles. Steve answered questions, participated in discussion. He contributed greatly to our meeting and was thanked for the support we have received.

Following  Steve Lane’s presentation we returned to the discussion of DogPark issues.

Specifically:      website-no changes-working well

Grounds-look great from Darrel Jacob’s mowing (He and Shadly’s were thanked for gas purchase donations)

No specific cleanup needed at this time

Email communication working well to spread word to and thru Leadership Team

Brief discussion regarding its use in 2 episodes.

At Park we were reminded by SLane that a 911 call should be first. They have communication with all who should respond

Please continue to sell cookbooks. Make a good Christmas gift.  About 150 remaining to be sold.


Future financial needs as presented in FUNDS&FACTS.     Ongoing expenses are pointed out to be:    Seed and Fert               $500.00

Tags $                          $300.00

Reminder Cards           $150.00

Miscellaneous               $500.00

Est Total $1500.00 +or-



Tag Sales                                             Est Total $3000.00 +or-


Present Bank Balance$7000.00


After much discussion it was decide to hold tag prices steady but to increase the awareness that each year (Jan) is the time to buy new tags.  We are going to stress that in the reminder cards and discuss the necessity with the Humane Society to try and make new tags (both City and Park) a calendar year purchase. This will make it easier to enforce because all tags be same color for year.  We will place this information on website. We recognize this will be a short year for tag owners who purchased since June and surely in Nov but it will be a one time issue. In case of question they could consider it a donation.   DebFridy andElisabethGrzelak volunteered to help with card sendout in Jan. Darrel and JMason will seek a meeting with Shawn at Humane Society and go over this as well as other issues in early Dec.  All things considered it was felt a new fund raising initiative should be started.  EGrzelak presented a dog/photo/calendar proposal that looks promising. A vote was taken and the group agreed to support it.  Deb Frdy and Elisabeth agreed to be the CoChairs of this initiative  and report to the Leadership Team. It would have to be finalized in Aug of 2012 to be ready for 2013.  Final decision will reflect cost, advertising revenue, and price.  A $15.00 estimate seems a bit high and certainly we would need some guarantee of sales before proceeding.

It was decided to try and hold a Spring Group meeting at the park and try to emphasize it as a  social event.  Steve Lane suggested we consider using the Parks Dept capability to present an outdoor movie.  The Leadership Team will work on this in their future meetings


At 730 PM the business portion of the meeting concluded and the meeting adjourned. The remaining caps, Tshirts, cookbooks and bands on display were available for sale and several  were purchased Prepared and submitted byJCM 11/17/2011 Emailed out for Adds,corrects

November 15, 2011





Split Rail                                              $7389.00

Big R Wire                                             3120.00

Install Alvin Fence                          6900.00

Total      $17,409.00

Prep work and Parking

City of Danville                 Donated


Lawn tractor                                       $5800.00

Gas, labor donated to this point for mowing (Darrel & Tony)

Seed, fertilizer,aeration                               $1300.00

Dr. Halloran and Danville Soccer Volunteer and equipment

Berry’s Chemical, seed, plants  $900.00

Labor and equip donated

Well with water to FETCH

City of Danville, Espenschied Family

Waste Pickup                                    City of Danville


Pamphlets, Faulstich                     $1839.00

Design FIA Card                                $1200.00

Rules&Regulation Booklet          Donation

Design KMason, printing


Tshirts and Bracelets                      Donated

Gala gifts in kind                              Donated

Roundup weed killer                     Donated

Website Development  and maintenance

Steve Foster Beamsco   Donated

Fetch Dog Park Dog Bone signs  Donated

Larry Schultz

Jim Gilliland

Publicity                                              Donated

Commercial News

Mary Wicoff


Doug Quick WICD

Poop Bags           County Market  Donation

Prep, Delivery and install Poopbags

Joe Schatz                           Donation



Memorials          Trigard                  Donation

Rules & Reg        City of Danville Donation


Shelter and Bench’s

$5295.00 on order



Fund raising, Donation, Volunteer Efforts, Gifts

Includes support from Julius Hegeler II Foundation,

Animal Welfare League of Illinois,

Gala Grand Opening June 12,13 2010

START UP INCOME                                           $36,000.00

STARTUP EXPENSES                                        $28,225.00

BALANCE $7775.00

SHELTER & BENCHES       -$5295.00             =$2480.00


Cook Book

Sales to Date                                                                                     $ 8075.00

Printing                                                                                                                   5247.00

Inc          $2828.00 More to sell!!

BALANCE AS OF October 27 $7000.00


We made it Thanks to many volunteer hours and efforts the City of Danville has a beautiful Dog Park.  A special thanks to the City of Danville administration-Mayor Scott Eisenhauer, Doug Ahrens and Steve Lane.


Going For ward



Tag Sales                                             Inc          $2500-3000.00

Cost                                                       $300.00

Reminder cards                                                $150.00


EXPENSE                                                                              $???

Mowing? Volunteers have been doing

Grass seed and fertilizer                              $500.00

Plus Volunteer help

Poop Bag and Disposal


TV Surveillance

Locks tied to tag ownership


Summary compiled from City of Danville Financial records and rounded off. November 2011, JCMason


Fund Raising Efforts for future (based on past and projected expense it is likely there will be a deficit of 1500.00 to $2000.00 some years)

Photo Calendar