Minutes – December 9, 2008

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1st Meeting Dog Park -Minutes December 9, 2008 530 to 730 PM

Conference Rooms 2and3 USMC

Purpose: Inform and Explore Feasibility of a Dog Park in Danville

The meeting was opened by John Mason who briefly explained the development of the idea for a Dog Park in Danville with its benefits. The various explored options were briefly discussed and based on this research he presented the most viable recommendation. In cooperation with the city we raise tax deductible funds that would be used to establish the Park in existing park space. As this proceeds we would need to organize a governing structure to oversee membership, dues, rules and regulations, maintenance, and addition of amenities. The city with its resources would be able to provide insurance, assist in the upkeep and interact with the Dog Park governing body to insure accountability and assistance similar to present arrangements with the Skateboard Park and Soccer facility.

Steve Lane, Supervisor of Parks for the City of Danville, then presented description of proposed site and utilizing a blown up aerial view. The proposed site would be in the 65 acre Espenscheid Park donated to the family in honor of their parents. This area is north on Kimball where it joins Voorhees between Anderson Electric and M-H Equipment. It lies between the active railroad tracks on the east and the inactive tracks to the west. About 5 acres would be set aside near the road and fenced. The fence would be a 4-5 foot split rail fence with wire backing suited in appearance with the natural intent of the park. The estimated cost of materials is $18,000. Adjacent to the road would be a parking area. The fencing would have an entry holding area and be divided into a small and large dog area. In the future park planning would include a well and restroom facilities. The long range plan is to keep the area as natural as possible with trails and the Dog Park would fit in well with this plan.

Darrel Jacobs continued the informative session with his conversation with Gayle Brandon, City of Danville Finance Director. Checks made out to City of Danville/Dog Park would allow funds to be kept separate and be tax deductible. They could be accessed by a work order from the Parks Department. They would be able to keep track of donors so appropriate thank you’s and memorials could be recorded.

All of the above issues were explored and discussed in quite a bit of detail and it was the consensus of the group that the project was doable and LET’S GET STARTED.

Fund raising ideas ,raffles, biscuits, online sites and person to person solicitation were all discussed. The idea of a contest for naming utilizing the schools and prizes was mentioned.

The following plans are now in place based on the above discussions:

1. Second meeting in January to be presided over and called by Darrel Jacobs ( date to be determined).

2. Preparation of a brochure to be organized by Darrel Jacobs and assisted by Tracy Larsen and any other volunteer

3. Plan for date and presentation to City Planning Committee

4. Distribution of information sheets and donation forms to appropriate sites. DVM offices, groomers, Vermilion County and Danville Humane Societies JCM

5. Preparation of list of all those interested with names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses as now available. JCM (a volunteer has offered to develop a site on yahoo and send invitations to view it)

The meeting was attended by 20+ and concluded at 730PM

Submitted by John Mason