Minutes – June 17, 2009

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Dog Park Minutes June 17, 2009

630 to 800 PM at Civic Center

Attendees: Sign In Sheet

Adams, Joanne

Bryant, Diane

Freed, Kelly and Luanne

Freed, Luanne

Fries, Marti *

Fridy, Deb *

Grzelak, Elisabeth

Darrel Jacobs

Lane, Steve CITY REP

Larsen, Tracy *

Mason, John

Ruzic, Nancy

Shadley, Terry *

The meeting was opened by J C Mason. He presented the historical development of the Park beginning with the initial meeting with D Ahrens and S Lane in May of 2008. Research including visiting Dog Parks in Florida, Colorado and Urbana, IL and the internet led to present proposal utilizing Espenscheid Park under the auspices of the city park system. This would allow us to raise funds that would be tax deductible and develop an organization to work with the city to develop the rules and regulations by which the Dog Park would function. At the Public Works Committee meeting in May the proposals, design and Memorandum of Agreement as presented by S Lane and Darrel Jacobs was approved. At the May 19 meeting of the City Council the proposal was reviewed and approved. So we are now ready to proceed with the priority-FUND RAISING.

The Memorandum of Understanding was discussed by Darrel Jacobs highlighting the responsibilities of the Dog Park Group (exact structure, officers, bylaws, rules and regulations to be developed as fund raising concludes-goal for fence $18,000.00). Following the presentation a brief question and answer session was held.

The brochure developed by Tracy Larsen was then presented and discussed. The highlights of giving levels and how to make out the check to assure deductibility was emphasized as well. Gayle Brandon, Finance Director 17 West Main Street will keep our records and allow us to keep track and respond with thank you’s. The level of giving up to Top Dog will allow us to develop recognition markers in the future. All of those present took copies to personally distribute.

A discussion was then held about how we should go about fund raising and several possibilities were discussed.

Presentations to civic groups, churches

Information booths at fairs, the Mall

Distribution at stores, an events Civic Center)

It was decided in view of the smallness of the group at this meeting that a LEADERSHIP TEAM of volunteers should form to meet and determine specific direction and focus. They are

1. Joanne Adams 2. Diane Bryant 3. Luanne Freed 4.Marty Fries 10 E. Grezlak

5. Deb Fridy 6. Darrel Jacobs 7. Tracy Larsen 8. John Mason 9.Terry Shadley

It is planned that the leadership team will meet in July with some more interested parties and plan some events and coordination. All those present took copies of the brochure to distribute to friends, fellow employees and other venues to spread the word. Each will keep track of the areas they have covered. The formal meeting adjourned at 8 PM

Prepared by John Mason

Following the meeting I received an email with some great ideas from Elizabeth Grzelak which I will present to the Leader ship team at their meeting