Minutes – July 9, 2009

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Minutes of July 9 Meeting


Meeting Attendance 13

Bryant, Diana

Fertaly, Marzy

Freed, Luanne

Fries, Tom and Marti

Fridy, Deb

Grzelak, Elisabeth

Jacobs, Darrel

Larsen, Tracy

Mason, John

Reitsma, Jackie

Ruzic, Nancy

Shadley, Terry

The Leadership Team and above volunteers met at the Civic Center at 530 PM on July 9. Sign-in and introductions preceded the business meeting. The minutes of the June 17 meeting were discussed and approved with no corrections.

Darrel Jacobs presented the financial report that was through May. After brochure expenses we have $1060.00 in our account with the city. He discussed utilization of the brochure form to specify memorials, honorariums, as well as outright donations at all the various levels. He also noted how the form could be secured with staples or scotch tape and mailed directly. A copy of a proposed thank you letter prepared by Tracy Larsen showing a paw and a hand shake was presented and discussed. It needs some revision and update but all agreed the picture was perfect and we need to proceed with thank you. Darrel J is staying on top and at present plans to do the thank you’s. Hopefully he will need some help soon. He is awaiting a letter from the City Treasure in regards to Tax status of donations. At this point copies of the article on the Champaign Dog Park were distributed. The idea of fees and preparation of rules and regulations for the city to review and ponder was briefly discussed. Because of our memorandum of agreement and the need for approval on any such issue by the city we will need to address that issue soon.

A listing of all the contacts and brochure drop off by the members to date was presented and the following compilation is made

Barney Realty, BEAMSCO, Berry’s Garden Center, BigR NVerm, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Butternut Bread and Store,

Carmack Car Capital, CB Devonshire, Carle Clinic Fairchild, Chittick Eye Care, County Market NVerm,

CVS-need corporate letter, CB Devonshire

Danville Noon Rotary, Dan Commercial News, Dan Metal Stamping, Dairy Queen on E Main, Days INN

Dentists, Satterwhite, Ashton

Dollar General

Envirox LLC E. Fairchild, ERA,

Farren Realty, Fern Cline, First Choice Realty

Groomer s: South Paw, Pampered Paws, Lone Oaks

Hawkeye Foods, Honeywell Corp

Kennels: Hillcrest Pets Plus, Best Friends,

Leverenz Parts and Fuel

Mervis Industries


Provena: ER, Administration, Med Record s, cancer clinic, gift shop.

Salon and Spa: Timothy Dan, Larry Pauls, Reflections

Satellite Cable/Nextel

Shutte & Frey Auto Bowman

Taco Bell, Towne Machine and Toole

Veterinarians: Hillcrest, Vermilion, Hillcrest Stateline, Eastlake, Fairchild

Vermilion Health Dept Susan Bounds

Westville: Post Office, Depot

Following discussion of above the two meeting tables discussed some new initiatives.

1. Discuss with Jean Beck about Farmers Market Booth JCM

2. Display and presentation at a Dan’s game JCM

3.Presentation at Georgetown Fair Jackie Reitsma

4. “Piggy” Banks for donations DB

5. Used cartridge mail in DF

6. Labor Day Parade?

7. Raffle

8. Contact own dentist (remainder to be contacted by JCM after list compiled.

Van Burk to be contacted

9.Other contacts to be pursued from the D. Jacobs table

Sue Ellen Hinkles, Danville Health Club, Escape, Dr Fisher, Sunset Ice Cream Social on Thursday, Danville Elks Club, Boat Club

The next initiative utilized a list of business in the Danville area. There was a list of 80 potential candidates to be made aware of our effort and to have brochures distributed to them. Out of the master list there were 36 that no one had a connection with and it was felt we could assign them at a later date following completion of the first contact phase. Those who accepted a name to contact will report during the interval till next meeting.

The meeting concluded at 730 with the next meeting to take place in August with an attempt to engage a larger group. At that time we will assess progress on our initiatives.

Submitted by J C Mason

7/22 add on volunteer:

Mary Pribble