Minutes – August 17, 2010

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MINUTES OF AUGUST 17 MEETING DANVILLE PUBLIC LIBRARY 5:30 PM Attendees: Deb Fridy, Tony O’Neal. Tamara Schooler, Dana Johnson, Joe and Ruth Schatz, Clare Dodds, Dr. Denise Fischer, JCMason, Darrel Jacobs, TShadley, CShadley and Janice Kain The meeting was co-chaired … Continued

FETCH Dog Park Gala Opening

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Gala Opening June 12-13 1-3 PM each day Participants: Dog Park Volunteers:  Larry Anderson, D Fridy,  J Gourley, E Grzelak, K Hoaks, D Jacobs, J Mason, T O’Neal,  N Ruzic, C Shadley , T Shadley, T Schooler, J Adams(Humane Society … Continued

Minutes – June 3, 2010

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MINUTES Dog Park Meeting Tuesday June 3, 2010 at JCM house ATTENDEES: Gourley, Ruzic and Frannie, Grzelak, Shadley’s, Anderson, Jacobs, Fridy, Schooler, O’Neal, Mason. Larry Anderson a new member (ph213-1672,1711 N State, Westville,61883 The meeting was opened by D Jacobs. … Continued

Minutes – August 27, 2009

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DOG PARK MINUTES August 27, 2009 Civic Center ATTENDANCE: 16 signed in: Jennifer Wright, Kathy Hoaks, Bob Mitchell, Michelle Hein, Nancy Ruzic, Elisabeth Grzelak, Tracy Larsen, C. Luanne Freed, Kelly Freed, Terry Shadley, Marilyn Cox, Carol Carter, Todd Mcntyre,Darrel Jacobs, … Continued

Minutes – July 9, 2009

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Minutes of July 9 Meeting DOG PARK GROUP Meeting Attendance 13 Bryant, Diana Fertaly, Marzy Freed, Luanne Fries, Tom and Marti Fridy, Deb Grzelak, Elisabeth Jacobs, Darrel Larsen, Tracy Mason, John Reitsma, Jackie Ruzic, Nancy Shadley, Terry The Leadership Team … Continued

Minutes – June 17, 2009

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Dog Park Minutes June 17, 2009 630 to 800 PM at Civic Center Attendees: Sign In Sheet Adams, Joanne Bryant, Diane Freed, Kelly and Luanne Freed, Luanne Fries, Marti * Fridy, Deb * Grzelak, Elisabeth Darrel Jacobs Lane, Steve CITY … Continued

Minutes – December 9, 2008

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1st Meeting Dog Park -Minutes December 9, 2008 530 to 730 PM Conference Rooms 2and3 USMC Purpose: Inform and Explore Feasibility of a Dog Park in Danville The meeting was opened by John Mason who briefly explained the development of … Continued

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